Extended ECM

The Extended ECM solution is seamlessly integrated into SAP and links unstructured data with the associated processes and business objects in the company. This makes the business processes transparent in their entirety.

Document management in the company

Today, the world of structured documents (i.e. documents that are used in the context of transaction-oriented systems and are not usually subject to any change cycle or release processes) often still exists parallel to the world of unstructured documents. These documents are created in the company or arrive "unstructured", e.g. by e-mail in the company. Although document creation processes in the SAP environment are very often characterized by a high need for integration into the common user interfaces of Microsoft or Microsoft Office, a seamless integration is not yet available. Today, this gap is closed by document management systems that can handle both:

  • the integration in SAP (with a support of SAP ArchiveLink) and
  • the document creation, release and management processes.

A weak point in the SAP document archiving can also be eliminated: The lack of standard support for the life cycle of archived documents, or their significance in the overall context of the company.

Flyer Backup

Efficient and transparent processes with Extended ECM for SAP

In our flyer you can learn how you can optimize document-intensive processes with Extended ECM for SAP, and benefit from integrated processes throughout the entire company.

Far-reaching possibilities

The bridge building between SAP and DMS/ECM opens up many possibilities for companies:


of released document versions (from the DMS) with business objects in SAP, and thus document searches by SAP users from their familiar interface.


in all available documents of a business object, e.g. customers, suppliers and employees - structured according to different criteria.


of business transactions, postings and business documents in comprehensive business processes - uniformly usable directly in SAP.

If you want to delete documents that are linked to SAP business objects, in an orderly fashion after the retention period has expired, or if you want to explicitly protect them from regular deletion, for example in a pending court case, then you will be dependent on an enhancement of the SAP system. The corresponding terminology for this sophisticated type of document management is known in the Anglo-Saxon-speaking world as "Records Management" - a term that has also become a common expression here in the meantime.

Flyer SAP&Documents

ECM - individually designed for your company

In our flyer you can find out how you can integrate partner solution into your SAP system to efficiently map document-centric processes with all the associated functionalities. According to the individual requirements and circumstances of your company, we will develop the appropriate ECM strategy for you.


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