Upgrades and migrations

Doctra will provide support during upgrades and migrations of ECM environments, so that you can always take advantage of stable software and the latest features. We can support you comprehensively, from the concept phase all the way up to the actual implementation.


Upgrades refer to the version change within a product family, for example a database upgrade from Oracle 11 to Oracle 12.

Upgrades are typically "invasive", i.e. they require an operational interruption of the affected systems. Upgrades are created as standalone projects, in order to avoid an interruption of ongoing business operations. Doctra's professional project management ensures the efficient implementation and keeps the time span in which the software is unavailable down to a minimum.

Upgrades and migrations with Doctra

The requirements for the hardware used often change throughout the course of a version change, making the upgrade projects correspondingly complex. We have years of experience performing updates, and will gladly support your company in conducting this task.



There is a distinction between software and data migration: While software migration refers to a change of the product family or the software manufacturer, data migration involves a change of the storage technology with which the data is transferred from the legacy system to the new one. This step is necessary due to technological progress, and growing data volumes. Data migration ensures a long-term availability of the archive stock.

Depending on the complexity of the depicted business processes, a migration project can match or even exceed the complexity of a newly implemented ECM project. Doctra will support you in the software and data migration. The basis is a proven migration strategy.


Focus - Long-term archive

The long-term access to archived data is not always readily assured, due to the rapid technological progress. The change from one technology to another requires data migration at regular intervals, and is something often underestimated by companies. In our flyer you can find out how Doctra can support you in the area of long-term archiving through upgrades and migrations.


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