The management and optimization of document-centered business processes

Functions for automated workflows

For the implementation of the above stated goals the following functionalities will be required:

Parallel processing of documents

If this is required by the process to be depicted, a parallel processing or co-signing must also be possible in addition to the sequential processing.

Documentation of the process steps

The current status of the processed step within the entire process must be visible and controllable. Appropriate documentation of the processing statuses, decisions, process routes and results will be required (audit).

Depiction of the management options

It must be possible to depict the common administrative options in day-to-day business, such as resubmission, delegation, representation or the assignment of deadlines.

Depiction of all business processes

The entire business process should be modelable with appropriate design tools - in the best case, the users themselves should be able to do this.

Integration of solutions

If individual process steps require the (external) processing of data (e.g. specialized applications), an integration of the corresponding applications is necessary - this may also include the integration of solutions for the document processing such as Microsoft Office.

Depiction of the organizational structures

The organizational structure that exists within the enterprise, but also the underlying process organization will be depicted.

Automated processes

The goal for the use of workflows or workflow technologies is the automation of recurring processes, whereby all necessary resources must be integrated. This means, on the one hand, that all employees involved in a process can participate and, on the other hand, that all information/documents necessary for process decisions or work steps must be available.

This point is of crucial importance for workflows in the ECM environment: Only when the necessary documents and information are available to all users, will an ECM system be able to unfold its full potential for the process support.

Workflows are very often thought of as highly structured and formalized processes. However, it must also be possible to directly involve other employees in the processing (ad hoc).


Optimization of your processes

The question of which processes in one's own company can be optimized by workflows is not an easy question to answer. This requires studies of the scope, capital commitment and business risk. In some cases, however, the question of potential savings also leads to the desired goal by accelerating internal company processes through the use of workflows.

We would be pleased to carry out an analysis of your business processes for your company, which reveals savings potential and shows in which areas the accelerated processing of processes will benefit your company (e.g. by shorter processing times you achieve higher customer satisfaction/loyalty).


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