For us at Doctra, the driver of every service is the economical business target. The technologies and products used are then derived from the application and company purpose.

Introduction of an ECM system with Doctra - plannable and secure

ECM strategic planning

What is the best way to approach such an extensive and complex large-scale project as the introduction of an ECM system in the company?

This is precisely what Doctra can work out with you as part of an ECM strategy planning. We will clarify with you which steps are economically sensible for your company on the basis of your current infrastructure in connection with your corporate strategy, and your strategic suppliers such as SAP and Microsoft, your concrete business goals and the current market development. For this, we use a process model that has been developed from practical experience.

The term Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions is very complex and broad - just as ECM according to AIIM International "Technologies for capturing, managing, storing, preserving and providing content and documents to support organizational processes" covers a very broad range.

Areas of application for your DMS

Document management systems cover various tasks within the company: The DMS will support you and your employees, from the document entry all the way up to the contract management.

Which problems in the ECM environment are enterprises faced with?

Inbox mail processing


Automation of the physical and electronic mail receipt

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Document management


The secure and transparent storage and management of documents and document files

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Invoice audit


Automatic recognition and processing of document-centric business processes

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Records Management


Management of data and documents according to the ISO standard (15489)

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Document solution


Transparent access to documents within the context of business processes

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Long-term storage of documents


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Digital personnel file


Centralized management of all applicants and personnel data in a single location

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Audit-proof storage of documents


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Contract management


Hierarchical storage of contracts incl. full text search

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Integrated processes with the right ECM system

Today, EMC has become particularly important for companies that use integrated business applications, such as SAP or Salesforce, to map their business processes in a largely digitized form. The management of business documents, but also other unstructured information such as e-mails, should be sensibly merged with the actual business application. This gives the user a comprehensive view of the business transaction, which may contain both the transactional data and the associated documents.

Prefabricated solutions for the integration of SAP systems with a document management systems from Microsoft and OpenText enable an economic implementation of a comprehensive ECM strategy!


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